Trevor Colhoun, Managing Member and Ron Bienvenu, Managing Member, Spear Point LLC , New Orleans, LA

Who we are:

Spear Point Capital Management LLC (“Spear Point”) is an activist investor which seeks to achieve a high level of total return by investing in undervalued, publicly traded companies and applying activist strategies to unlock long-term shareholder value.

Our Company

Spear Point is an activist firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The firm’s principals bring decades of financial market expertise as well as deep operational experience gleaned from over two decades running public and private companies. Our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of the management teams and boards we engage with activist strategies gives us a unique perspective on how best to unlock shareholder value.

Spear Point identifies deep value situations where we believe a catalyst will unlock value and where we can influence that catalyst. Said another way, we are an event-driven, value oriented investor that believes in creating the event.